We buy and operate SaaS companies

Passion, Expertise, Humor – Our Winning Blend

Hey there!

At Niche Mates, we're not just investors; we're like that savvy friend who knows a thing or two about nurturing and running SaaS startups.

Our secret sauce?

A blend of passion, expertise, and a dash of humor. We don't just throw cash and hope for the best. Nope, we roll up our sleeves, get down in the trenches, and help founders build companies brick by digital brick.

Why do we invest in businesses?

Well, it's simple – we've got the heart, the smarts, and a whole lot of coffee-powered enthusiasm. Plus, we've been there, done that, and got the T-shirt (and a few successful ventures to boot!)…

Check down below to find out what we are currently looking for


B2B/C SaaS; recurring revenue

Company Cycle

Startup / founder-led / bootstrapped

Profitable and Efficient Operations

For 1 year or longer

A unique advantage

Challenged by porters 5 forces

A simple business model

Your mom gets it


Up to 10 Mio. in revenue  & healthy EBITDA Margins (>20%)

Operates in a niche

Preferably an inch wide and mile deep

How we filter through offers

To understand that a company is right for us, we ask ourselves 5 key questions

Do we get it?

Simplicity and Understanding: We invest in businesses that we understand profoundly. This ensures that our investments are not just about financial backing but also about a genuine involvement in the company's.

Does it have an edge?

Sustainable Competitive Advantage: We seek out companies with a unique selling proposition (USP) that provides a durable competitive edge. This could be innovative technology, a unique business model, or an exceptional customer experience.

How are the people?

Ethical and Capable Management: We believe in the power of people. Hence, our investments are in companies led by ethical, capable, and honest management teams. Integrity and leadership quality are paramount in our evaluation process.

Are we a good fit?

Value Addition: Our approach is not just to provide capital but to significantly contribute through our network, expertise, and other assets within our portfolio. We aim to be a catalyst for growth, leveraging our resources to enhance the company's trajectory.

How’s the price?

Fair Pricing: We engage in investments that are sensibly priced. Our goal is to create long-term value and avoid overpaying, no matter how attractive the short-term gains might seem.

If a target runs with a clear “yes” through all of these filters, we write a check…

Why sell to us?


Venture Capital

Huge valuation
3–6 month process
Founders committed to 5+ years
Terms could make your equity worthless
Pressure to provide 10–100X returns
No cash to founders, just money to grow


Private Equity

Full or partial cash out
3–6 month process
Founders locked in with earnout structure
Terms could make your equity worthless
Intervene and change your culture
Typically flip your company in 3–5 years


Niche Mates

Full or partial cash out
Deal size ranging from $100k - $5M
30-day process
Founders can stay or go, we're flexible
Simple structure with cash upfront
Operate as-is with no culture change
Holds companies for the longterm

Acquisition timeline

Once we've identified an opportunity that fits our thesis, we move quickly.

There's a saying in finance that "time kills all deals." For this reason, every acquisition offer we've extended to a founder was made within 30 days.

In some cases the entire discovery → closed process takes just 15 days.

Our diligence is a qualitative and quantitative procedure:

  • Source code walk-through by founder or selling team's developer
  • Review of bank statements or similar verifiable revenue records
  • Probing questions regarding support, maintenance, and market threats

Following data confirmation, we're eager to execute prior to the LOI's closing date when possible.

Our process is fast,
friendly, and simple

Respond in

48 hours

Make an offer in

7 days

Close the deal in

1 month

No in-person meetings
Easy 15-day diligence process focused on what matters
No golden handcuffs — founders can stay or go
Straightforward all cash payments

Deal stages overview


< 1 month

We build products in an iterative process, that actually solve problems for peopl, ultimately enabling them to become better at what they do.


3-6 years

We focus on developing highly scalable solutions in collaboration with industry experts, to add value within the industry.



We run and grow our company based on stoic core values: Courage – Justice – Temperance – Wisdom

Latest acquisitions

$1000 MRR


Helping busy content marketers delegate content at scale.

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