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YouTube Transcripts

Cheap, SEO Optimized Transcripts for your YouTube videos in a couple clicks.

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Best Stoic Quotes

Get inspired by the best stoic quotes and philosophers like Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus and others.

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YouTuber Hacks

Tools and content to grow your YouTube channel like a Startup.

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A weekly planner based on your Roles in life. Get the stuff done that moves the needle in every area of your life.

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Beat your Notification FOMO by grouping all your Notifications in one app and look at them on your terms.

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Finance stuff

Exploring tools for personal and small company finance.

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Our Journey


About to launch YouTube Transcripts 2.0

Published on 11/8/2021


We build a chrome extension that lets you transcribe your YouTube videos without ever leaving YouTube Studio.

It's a much smoother experience than our 1.0 that was cobbled together in a weekend hack but it did take a considerable amount of effort, especially because we haven't made a chrome extension before.


We have customers for our Web version that lets you transcribe YouTube videos online and good retention but 0.1 is lacking a solid USP over other solutions out there.

By solely focusing on YouTube we can build a much better flow that directly integrates with YouTube Studio and puts one of the most important parts for our Retention, the "Trigger" to transcribe a video, right where it needs to be.

What's next?

  • Set some launch goals
  • Launch on PH
  • Link building outreach
  • Content generation

Let me know if you're interested in taking it for a test drive, otherwise, I'll keep you posted how that goes 😛👍

You can also check out our latest blog posts on how to rank a video fast and three different ways to transcribe YouTube videos


Entered next Stage with YouTube Transcripts 🚀

Published on 9/30/2021


Doubling down on our YouTube Transcripts product.


We have 4 Stages of a Product that we try to stick to when building and launching and those are:

  • Launch (Day 0-Day 30) -> Launch and Ads + build some backlinks, write articles, begin SEO efforts, fix bugs
  • Growth (Day 30-Day 90) -> Continue Link building and SEO, Outreach + Marketing
  • Improve & Automate (Day 90-Day 180) -> Improve the product, automate where possible
  • Growth 2.0 (Day 180-Day x) -> Grow and let the product run more or less on autopilot

We have goals for each of those stages in terms of either: Audience (Traffic, Email List) or Revenue that we want to hit, and only if we do or feel confident that we will with a bit more work, we will continue

Our Transcript tool for YouTube has now entered the Automation stage, we have a couple of core customers that use the tool very frequently even tho in the current state it's a lot of work.

Our first goal is to make it as easy as possible for them (save their payment method, auto-populate forms), etc. to use it and we're also working on a much more streamlined solution in form of a chrome extension so that the whole flow gets reduced from around 1-2 minutes per video to 1 click 🤯

We will relaunch the extension on PH and will continue some more serious outreach after that because we don't have a strong enough USP as of right now.

I'll keep you posted if that hypothesis checks out. 🤙


Launched 3rd Acquisition Tool for YouTuberHacks

Published on 8/22/2021


A tool to submit a link to any public video and see: Title, Keywords, Description with highlighted keywords, and more stats at a glance.


When looking for inspiration you can use this to analyze what other people in your niche are trying to rank for, how they optimize their SEO, and what Keyword density they have.

Next steps

After this we want to look at the numbers a bit, so we're gonna put this project on hold and wait for some stats.

So far recurring usage has been looking a bit bleak and we've lost our content lead for this project and are not super interested in this specific niche/audience anymore but we already had this tool developed and thought we should launch it nonetheless 🚀

We think it would be a waste not to 🚢


Launched Best Stoic Quotes

Published on 8/15/2021


We launched a site to get inspiring stoic quotes and segmented them into different categories to help you easily find stoic quotes for a specific use case.


At Niche Mates we all practice Stoicism and made it the core of our company manifesto, yet we feel that getting started with Stoicism can be tough. We also haven’t found a good collection of quotes that are easy to navigate by category or the exact thing you might be struggling with, so we made our own 💪😁

Long term play

This is the first product we want to build in this niche and we're building them because

  • We care
  • We want to make stoicism more accessible by creating more free content
  • We have plans for monetizable premium products that make this a sustainable niche to be in for us


We’d love for you to submit your favorite quotes to our collection of Best Stoic Quotes ❤️


Migrated our Landing Page to Next.js

Published on 7/30/2021


Migrated our Landing Page to Next.js


Mostly for SEO reasons but also because we've migrated our Stack away from the stack that we used to have on this page.

We plan on putting more content on this page in form of a blog and a collection of all our learnings during our Journey (similar to the milestones on IH) and put backlinks for our other products because as of now this is our page with the strongest domain rating that should boost our other products as well.

To read the full scoop check here.


Launching the first tool 🛠

Published on 7/25/2021


We're launching the first Acquisition Stage product for our latest project and its purpose is to identify niches that are blowing up on YouTube called "Niche Reports".

We're laying out Google Search Volume, Popular Creators, some of their videos, and most used keywords to give some inspiration if someone wants to dig deeper into that trend.

We started with 6 reports to gauge interest and will send it out to our now around 130 subscribers for this product.


One of us (Matt) has started his own YouTube channel by doing exactly what we're doing here. Identified a trend on google search that hasn't had a lot of videos on YouTube yet and he used that to grow it to 10k subs in a couple of months, 3k of that came with the 2nd video.

We want to see if people find this information valuable and want to inspire a more data-driven approach for people to find topics for their videos.


  • 10% CTR -> 100% success
  • 1 shared trend report -> 0% success 😩


Mo Mates, Less Problems

Published on 7/14/2021


Two more of our long-term mates have joined the company and are adding more resources to our Journey of building profitable niches businesses.


Each of them will take over the research/content lead of a new niche we will be exploring and their unique personal backgrounds.

New Niches we're exploring

Personal Skills

  • Finance
  • Data Science/Machine Learning


  • I've spent some time setting up our company notion and created operation manuals before they joined and it helped a great deal to get them started
  • Our style of work (async) is still not super common and they needed some help to get started but do enjoy the contrast to their own main work.


Reflected on YouTuber Hacks Launch

Published on 7/12/2021


We launched Youtuber Hacks to our Ship Audience and our existing E-Mail list from YouTube Transcripts that has signed up to receive updates about new tools.

We also pushed out the first of many videos about what Youtuber Hacks is about that we've embedded on the page and that you can also find here

Launch Goals

  • 200 YouTube Views
  • 20 YouTube Subs
  • 10 new Newsletter subs
  • 10% Email CTR

Actual Results

  • 70 YouTube Views (35%)
  • 12 YouTube subs `(60%)`
  • 8 Newsletter Subs `(80%)`
  • 8.2% Email CTR `(82%)`


  • Hitting 0 of our goals sucks but also shows that we have ways to go in terms of setting better goals and doing more to reach them.
  • Looking at the lowest success `%` we can see that we were a bit too naive about how hard it is in this niche to get views, if you watch the video you will see that we usually operate in Niches that don't have as much supply as the one we're in right now (How to grow on YouTube) and we will have to do more to cut through the noise even if we have a solid USP with the startup angle IMO.
  • From Ship, we learned that people are interested in this stuff and we have good motivation to keep going and filming more videos (for more memez 😏)

Next steps

  • Launch Niche Reports (Google Search Trend inspired reports of things that people can make videos about that don't have a lot of supply to rake in views fast 🚀)
  • Launch more Acquisition Stage products 🚢


Launching YouTuberHacks MVP

Published on 7/8/2021


Launching the bare minimum with a landing page that explains our unique angle to growing on YouTube, a newsletter sign-up, and our first video.

For each of the stages of growth (Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, Revenue) we plan to build or have already build tools like for transcripts but instead of waiting to build them all out, we have newsletter sign-ups on every tool so that we can measure which tool makes the most sense to build.

We have planned out the first 3 tools because we don't expect to hit a critical mass in feedback for a while, which are all in the Acquisition space as we want to focus on people that are just getting started or need help getting impressions for their videos.

Those will be:

1. Niche Reports (Which niches have a lot of search traffic but not a lot of videos) -> Supply / Demand

2. Transcripts (We already have this one)

3. Video Analyzer (Get Title, Description, Keywords) of any public video to understand what people in your niche are trying to rank for.


  • We picked this Niche because Matt runs his own channel and has basically done all the research already that we're making accessible.
  • We care about this Niche and Matt likes to make videos for the memes 😁
  • It's a niche where we can believably establish ourselves as an authority and provide free content and tools that will make people want to buy from us eventually (Reciprocation)
  • We already have built a tool in this space and this is a way to build cheap acquisition for that product that's actually paid
  • There's actually a good CPM on these kinds of videos so even if all else fails we can just keep making videos and will hopefully make some $$$

Monetization Strategy

  • Premium/Paid tools
  • Ads on YouTube
  • Ads on Free Tools

Goals D0-D30

- 100 Newsletter subscribers -> 130%

- 150 YouTube subs -> 8% success 🙃


The approach we're taking in this is a bit of an audience-building approach similar to what you can read about in the Embedded Entrepreneur and the marketing strategy is inspired by the 1 Page Marketing Plan. (Not affiliated with either 😁)

Go check these out if any of the above makes sense to you.


Put YouTuberHacks on Ship

Published on 7/3/2021


We're working on a new product that breaks down how to grow on YouTube in a data driven way and we added it on Product Hunt Ship to start collecting emails


We want to build up a list to launch to once we drop the first video that we're working on right now and that should go up during next week

At the same time we're validating if it makes sense to keep using Ship because it's not that cheap 😵

Goals (Before we added the product)

  • 1 Sub per day
  • 10% CTR on launch email

Current stats

  • 5 Subs per day (will go down over time as the product goes down in the upcoming list)


Jumping down the YouTube Rabbit Hole

Published on 6/16/2021


We’re working on free content to break down how to grow on YouTube in a data driven way and how to apply learnings from growing Tech Startups to YouTube.

We’ll start with a YouTube channel and will, if we get some traction, follow up with a product and newsletter.


Our first YouTube product has been somewhat successful but acquisition ain't cheap so we want to build up an email list that will help us launch new products quicker and to send out stack ranking surveys to work on the right products.


Shift focus to building the company as a product

Published on 7/1/2021


After reading E-Myth Revisited, we decided to see the company itself as a product instead of just an organizational vehicle for pumping out products.


Distribution is the hardest part.
Small businesses need to leverage systems and aim to establish themselves as authorities in specific niches.

They can take a first step in that direction through providing free (valuable) content to increase their chances of being successful.


Launch second project from Hackathon

Published on 5/30/2021


Feeling stuck on Notifire, integrations take a lot of time and work, so we decide to do a Hackathon, launch something quick to build momentum and regain motivation.

So we decide to build a service for cheap, accurate transcription for YouTube video SEO

Whose Idea?

Matt runs a Niche Youtube channel and has the problem of not being able to get transcriptions for his videos that are both reliable and cheap.


75% of Gen Z and Millennials say “being a YouTuber” is their preferred career. 75% 😱

It’s a big market, and it’s growing. Makes sense to sell shovels during a gold rush, right? Well, that’s not why we built it.
We were scratching our itch (sorry for the beaten-to-death metaphor). We’ve got a YouTube channel for selling another product and we’d seen first hand how much transcriptions can do for SEO.

And the auto-generated ones a) don’t count for SEO b) suck.


  • This seems to be a good niche but we're competing with other providers solely on price and this is a bad place to be in
  • We shift our mindset to build multiple products in the same niche to establish ourselves as authorities in those niches instead of shifting around all the ti
  • We double down on acquisition, free content and free tools to drive content to this website


Churchill starts ranking first page

Published on 5/1/2021


Churchill starts ranking first page for a bunch of keywords, Clicks go from 2 to 100 per month (Hockey stick buiz here we come 😁)


  • SEO takes a lot of time
  • We need to optimize our stack for SEO, we switch from CRA to next.js
  • Running a business with only one channel is still risky 😵
  • SEO's growth curve is not linear, the first page gets 90% of traffic and until you're there you won't see any results so it's a long wait, especially if Link building ops are rare.


Second Project "Notifire" starts

Published on 10/1/2020


Desktop app to have all your notifications on one place

Whose idea?

Stefan hates getting notifications from work and side projects in one view and constantly gets distracted by FOMO


Notifications are overwhelming and a time drain. We've made a tool to unify all of them across your work tools to get to notification inbox zero with a couple clicks when YOU want to not when you see the notification badge


  • We did a shit job validating this beforehand
  • It dragged out way too long before we launched it
  • We didn't take a step back to reflect on what we were doing
  • We didn't figure out distribution before starting this
  • More in depth learnings in this article on Indie Hackers


First Project "Churchill" launches

Published on 8/1/2020


Simple, transparent service to leave the Swedish church with a free option to replace a bunch of scam services that already exist.

Whose idea?

Matt notices that Friends are talking about this a lot but nobody really knows how to do it


Church makes it hard to leave, there are scammy services out there that just send invoices without you even consenting to a purchase etc.


  • People also think we’re a scam so we have to do a lot to build trust
  • Running ads is not profitable, however SEO is a good opportunity
  • Transactional business sucks
  • We only have one channel because it's something people don't generally like to talk about


3 Mates become the Niche Mates

Published on 6/30/2020

We're 3 long time mates that bring a diverse skillset from our Tech Startup backgrounds.

We all used to work in consumer apps and are now trying to take the learnings from Startup / VC world to apply them building sustainable businesses that solve problems we care about in niches that are close to our ❤️