Critical Problem Checklist Notion Template

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Sometimes we just want to complain but we don’t want to change our ways. Finding a critical problem is the most important step in the journey of a bootstrapped business. This checklist will help to identify critical problems

Is/Does your Problem:

Painful → Ideal = Ignoring it causes a lower quality of life
Waste time or money → Ideal = Combination of wasteful and mandatory
Not optional → Ideal = People would love to opt-out but can’t
Occurs Frequently and Repeatedly → Ideal = People need to do it all the time
Takes up too much time → Ideal = Takes a long time to solve every time the problem occurs
Forcing people to solve it using their own system → Ideal = Cobbled together solutions exist

People will be willing to pay if:

The solution saves them time
The solution saves them money
The solution makes them money
A combination of all 3 is best