Our process

What we do

We partner up with people like you that know their craft but don't know where to start or don't have the technical expertise to build, launch and grow products and MVPs fast πŸš€

We synthesize your industry and our product knowledge to solve problems that you face day to day and that have high potential to scale to others in your area of expertise.

Why we do it

  • We want to enable you to step up as a leader of your tribe and drive change in your industry
  • We want to use Technology to enable you to become better at what you do instead of holding you back.
  • We want you to succeed and build up alternative revenue streams
  • We love exploring new Niches and solving problems that matter

How we do it

  • You own the problem and we synthesize the best solution out of our product and your domain expertise in iterations, always learning and improving
  • We validate, build, iterate, launch and scale your product with you as a marketing catalyst
  • We belive in the power of compounding and play the long game by building sustaintable companies and relationships



Analyze & Validate | Day 0

Identify the Status Quo πŸ‘€

Figure out what we're dealing with, how people solve this problem today and the market size

Tools: JTBD, Mom Tests, Lean Canvas, 1PMP


MVP & Validation | Day 0 - Day 30

Ship πŸš€

Ship first version to internal users, collect launch emails via landing pages

Tools: MVP scoring, Kano model, landing pages, anything that gets the job done fast.


Iterate | Day 30 - Day 90

Learn and Improve πŸ”

Iterate and refine MVP after alpha testing. Launch to selected people on the waitlist and iterate some more.

Tools: Tech Stack, Mom Tests, JTBD, Analytics


Launch | Day 90 - Day 180

Ship to externals 🚒

Ship to a broader audience and iterate on external feedback.

Tools: Tech Stack, Mom Tests, JTBD, Analytics


Grow | Day 180 - Day 360

Sky's the limit πŸ“ˆ

Leverage niche communities and scale with the help of Content, SEO and other identified marketing strategies

Tools: Google Search, Analytics, Ads, cold & warm outreach, niche communities

Transparent Terms

  • We take a split of cash and revenue share to maximize your benefit because we have Skin in the Game and to reduce our risk
  • The split depends on your risk tolerance and how much cash you want to invest
  • The minimum cash amount is 20.000€ and minimum revenue share is 10%
  • For example, possible splits could be πŸ‘‡

    10% revenue share + 100.000€ cash

    20% revenue share + 80.000€ cash

    50% revenue share + 20.000€ cash

    or anything in between

Next Steps

If this sounds fair to you reach out to us or
find out more about who we are