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We love reading and applying what we learn by acting and reflecting on it.

Every book listed here has a summary and further resources that you can copy to your own notion with one click.

Find the best books for bootstrappers in our bookshelf, inspired by Arvid Kahl's bookshelf that has helped us when we started out.

We will be adding more as we go along.

Book summaries



The Minimalist Entrepreneur

How to bootstrap your business with a minimalist mindset. Great high level intro to bootstrapping.

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Company of One

Why staying small is the next big thing for business. Solid case for questioning growth at all costs.

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[WIP] Copywriting Secrets

How to get people to take action with your copy. Good start if you're new to writing sales copy.

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The Mom Test

How to talk to people when validating your idea. The most important book to read before starting out.

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