Why we have FAQs on our landing page

Written by Stefan on 7/25/2021


On every project we have launched so far we've put FAQs at the bottom.


For us it serves two main purposes:

1. It adds more content to the page for SEO

2. It creates trust if people don't have to find some hidden page that explains questions they might have because they're out there in the open


Most of our landing pages are pretty slim they don't have a lot of content for Google to determine how to rank them so we thought about ways to improve and measure that.

Check the screenshot below that shows how we've been gaining impressions at the same time our rank fell quite a bit but when we started having FAQs on our page that contained a bunch of our keywords you can see a big improvement.

Grain of 🧂

  • SEO doesn't work in a vacuum so we don't have proof that this actually produced the results we were seeing but I think having more content on your page, especially if you can use it to build trust and sprinkle in some keywords can't hurt.
  • You may have too many FAQs to list them all out so this might not work for you.
  • The shown project operates in a small niche that doesn't have a lot of competition so your results might not be as big if you do this and you should consider if it's the most important thing to work on right now.
  • We're not really SEO experts per se, we just come up with Hypotheses that sound reasonable to us and try to measure them. Then apply what we think works going forward.


What has worked for you to improve your SEO and or trust?

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