[Startup Wisdom] The ONE book to read when starting your Business

Written by Stefan on 1/22/2022

Let's face it there are millions of books you could be reading but only some you should be.

Most of the ones that are worth your time are about foundations, the tools you need to get started, and then add your own learnings along the way via trial and error.

One of my all-time favorites (that I have read way too late in my own journey) is the book I want to talk about today 👇


The mom test


Time and time again I see people building products that are looking for a problem (myself included).

And that's because plenty of us approach talking to customers the wrong way. We ask if we should build x or if y is a good idea.

We're talking about ourselves but we're not listening enough.

What I learned

Instead of asking if what you have is a good idea, ask people about their problems, find out how much these problems pain them and what they've done so far to solve them.

You will be surprised how many people actually don't really care but just want to tell you what you want to hear or are venting about some issue that doesn't even bother enough to do a simple google search.

That's it, the concept is simple yet you will learn so much more the bias of the foundation you're building on.

After all you can make the best product in the world if nobody cares enough to pay you don't have a business.

Of course, this isn't all so make sure to read the book, it's a super quick read. (not affiliated but I wish I was 😱)


What was the best book you've read to help with your Journey?
Which book did you wish you would have found sooner?


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