[Startup Motivation] I'm going all in 😱

Written by Stefan on 2/13/2022

Who am I?

I’m Stefan 👋.

I’ve built and helped build products downloaded millions of times as CTO or employee #1, mostly consumer apps and VC-funded big bets but I’ve gotten tired of going big or going home.

Another problem is, I’ve hit a local maximum…

My local maximum as the solely technical part of a startup, and while I can get better (you always can), I’ve reached the point of diminishing returns.

When starting Niche Mates, I’ve got a lot more into design, product, and marketing.

And you know what?
I suck at it.
So 👇

What’s next?

So I quit my job, I’m taking a hit in the short term to inch closer to my global maximum, be less of “just” a tech guy, and become more of a well-rounded Entrepreneur.

Cheers to new beginnings my mates 🌞

Grain of 🧂

Don’t think you need to quit your job in order to do these things, it’s just that I’ve been running low on steam working two jobs at the same time, and building sustainable businesses with my mates has been a dream we’ve been building towards for the past year.

Now, it’s time to focus ⚡️

What we’re shipping right now 👇

We just launched subscriptions for our small YouTube SEO tool and will focus solely on acquisition now. Plus we’re about to revisit the old projects that we scrapped without doing a lot of marketing to give them a final push.

Btw I’m trying to share my learnings more often on Twitter so if you use that, let’s be friends and hopefully, I can be of service in your own journey ❤️


What are you shipping? 🤓
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