I am a failure (for my own standards) but here’s why that’s ok

Written by Stefan on 6/13/2021

Why do I feel like a failure sometimes?
In general

When I started building products I wanted to build sustainable products that people find useful and that improve their lives but I have yet to make a sustainable product.

While I’ve built or helped build apps used by millions of people, pulling off something sustainable is hard especially in VC world when it’s either go big or go home and I haven’t managed to achieve this goal, so objectively looking back at what I set out to achieve, makes me feel like I've failed.


I like to think of myself to be a reflected person, yet I failed to reflect on one of our recent projects and had it drag out for way too long before taking a step back and reflecting on it all.

Why is it ok?

It’s never too late to learn, “all” you have to do is be self-aware, accept responsibility for your mistakes and strive to be better than you were yesterday.

After all the only competition that matters when building a sustainable business is yourself.

Why am I writing this?

1. for myself to be open and transparent, one of the main values I strive to live by, step out of my comfort zone and place random Backlinks ofc 😏

2. more importantly, for you if you ever feel like failing or giving up: It’s all normal and part of the process, if you ever feel down acknowledge that it’s part of the marathon of building a company that you’re running, learn what you can learn from whatever mistakes have been made, separate what’s in your control and what’s not and move on striving to be better tomorrow then you’ve been today

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