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[Startup Growth] How to use Engineering as a powerful Marketing strategy

Common knowledge to do marketing to grow your startup.

What's not as commonly known is that you can leverage Engineering resources to market your startup.

Free tools that promote your main tool or just remarkable features that make people talk about your product.

Lets dive into some of the options.

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Why we have FAQs on our landing page

Learn why we add FAQs to our Landing pages and how much it helped us rank better for one of our projects in the past

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Why we migrated our Company Landing Page to Next.js

In this post we look at business reasons for migrating from CRA to Next.js.

The most important reasons for us was to leverage the built in SEO features and the reduction of layout shifts because of Server Side Rendering, also called SSR.

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[Startup Learnings] Why going viral is bad for YOU!

Let's explore why going viral isn't always the best thing to happen to you.

It's much better to see slow and steady growth and avoid the pains that come with exponential growth in a short time.

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