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[Startup Learnings] How we struggled our way to our first $100 MRR

Check out our major learnings over the last 6 months that led us to reach $100 MRR for the first time.

It took us 3 months after launching subscriptions to get there, but almost a year before we launched subscriptions.

Keep reading to find out why 🙏

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A stoicism inspired process for dealing with setbacks

Learn about a stoic process to extract the most important learnings out of a seemingly negative situation and turn it into an opportunity for growth.

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We failed before we even launched. Reflection time.

A critical look at our initial approach and why it didn't work out.

What we have learned and what we're gonna do better going forward

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[Startup Motivation] The Compound Effect and SEO

The compound effect is the idea that small changes over time will compound and will have a big effect over a long enough time.

Think investing and compound interest, or showing up every day to make your product just a tiny bit better and increase retention over time.

The problem is that most of the time you put in a bunch of work and you see.... nothing, at least not for a while and it's easy to get demotivated but...

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[Startup Motivation] I'm going all in 😱

Let me explain why I decided to go all in on Niche Mates and a mental model that you can use to become better at what you do.

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