How to build a company without outside funding.

Our best Bootstrapping articles

7 Books, 7 Learnings, 7 Bullet Points 🤓

I like to read and summarize books, here's the main takeaways from the last 7 books that I've read about business, entrepreneurship and building bootstrapped businesses

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Why boring is good when building a company as a developer

Thoughts on how to avoid "Shiny Object syndrome" when building a company with a developer background.

In short: Keep it simple and use what you know, refrain to chase the latest framework and use what makes you most productive.

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We failed before we even launched. Reflection time.

A critical look at our initial approach and why it didn't work out.

What we have learned and what we're gonna do better going forward

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Why starting a company as a developer is hard

Read Stefan has learned running a company with developer background and why it's hard to stay on track as a "software craftsman".

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