7 Books, 7 Learnings, 7 Bullet Points πŸ€“

Written by Stefan on 7/18/2021


I like to read and I'm trying to share what I learn so here come the last 7 books I've read and the most important thing that I have learned from each.

There are more learnings in each of them ofc but I try to at least take one major thing away from every book that I will memorize and the rest I may or may not remember 😳

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The πŸ“š

1. The 7 habits of highly effective people

Always make time for quadrant 2 activities (Not urgent, but important)

2. Company of one

Always question if growth is necessary and the smartest solution and set upper limits for it to reduce the risk of burning out

3. The mom test

Never mention your idea when you talk to people, instead talk about their problems and what they do today to solve them

4. The Embedded Entrepreneur

Audience driven products > Idea driven products for small businesses

5. E-Myth Revisited

Your company is the product

6. 1 Page Marketing Plan

Direct response marketing is the best/only marketing for small companies

7. Start with Why

Customers don’t care about what you do but why you do it


Have you read any of the books and do you have different takeaways?

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