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How to avoid the Urgency Trap

Written by Stefan on 8/22/2021

Thoughts on how to avoid the Urgency Trap by scheduling your week the right way.
Using this process will make your life more fulfilling and hopefully help you get the shit done that matters most.

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A stoicism inspired process for dealing with setbacks

Written by Stefan on 8/15/2021

Learn about a stoic process to extract the most important learnings out of a seemingly negative situation and turn it into an opportunity for growth.

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Why boring is good when building a company as a developer

Written by Stefan on 8/8/2021

Thoughts on how to avoid "Shiny Object syndrome" when building a company with a developer background.

In short: Keep it simple and use what you know, refrain to chase the latest framework and use what makes you most productive.

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Why we migrated our Company Landing Page to Next.js

Written by Stefan on 8/1/2021

In this post we look at business reasons for migrating from CRA to Next.js.

The most important reasons for us was to leverage the built in SEO features and the reduction of layout shifts because of Server Side Rendering, also called SSR.

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Why we have FAQs on our landing page

Written by Stefan on 7/25/2021

Learn why we add FAQs to our Landing pages and how much it helped us rank better for one of our projects in the past

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7 Books, 7 Learnings, 7 Bullet Points 🤓

Written by Stefan on 7/18/2021

I like to read and summarize books, here's the main takeaways from the last 7 books that I've read about business, entrepreneurship and building bootstrapped businesses

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How to Leverage your biggest superpower

Written by Stefan on 7/12/2021

Everything starts with being self-aware, being successful, living a happy life, not giving up when things get tough.

You need to know what motivates you when you should double down on something or simply correct course and do something else.

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I am a failure (for my own standards) but here’s why that’s ok

Written by Stefan on 6/13/2021

Reflections on how it feels to consider yourself a failure, how to accept it and how to learn and make the best out of it

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Why starting a company as a developer is hard

Written by Stefan on 6/6/2021

Read Stefan has learned running a company with developer background and why it's hard to stay on track as a "software craftsman".

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We failed before we even launched. Reflection time.

Written by Stefan on 5/23/2021

A critical look at our initial approach and why it didn't work out.

What we have learned and what we're gonna do better going forward

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