AI TEch Audits

Enhance profitability & efficiency through AI Tech Audits

The New Status Quo
In today’s fast-paced world, many companies recognize the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence. However, the challenge often lies in knowing how to implement AI eectively to maximize its true potential.
We provide expertise to
• Identify exactly how AI can benefit your business.
• Seamlessly integrate AI into your organization.
• Improve your operational eiciency and profitability.

Our solution - AI Tech Audits

Our boutique consultancy of AI-experts and business professionals provide you with a multi-level analysis of your key processes and value levers.
We identify areas where AI can be leveraged substantially, to increase operational excellence and business profitability.
We provide actionable suggestions and hands-on support for seamlessly integrating AI along your entire business value chain.

How the process works


We start with an interview to understand your business operations and scope first AI-potentials.

Currently Free of Charge


We visualize key processes and identify value levers, that are optimizable with AI and automation technology.


We prioritize and execute a tailored strategy that implements AI and automation tools into your organization.

Proven results across industries and business models

We implement AI technology for a wide range of companies and industries, ranging from startups to enterprises to investment vehicles.
With AI and automation tools we optimize eiciency, cut costs, streamline operations and increase revenue, leading to an average
increase of 4-12%
in profitability (EBITDA)*
$25M Revenue

Construction Business


• Sales & business development
• Communications
• Order-to-cash process


-23% Overhead hours
+12% Sales volume

$8M Revenue

Insurance Agency


• Lead generation & sales
• Customer support
• Internal overhead processes


+18% leads & +9% sales
-28% customer support hours

10 Assets managed

Family Oice & PE Fund


• Deal sourcing/scoping
• Asset management
• Project management


+24% qualified deal leads
• Operational synergies between assets

*Average of our successful delivered projects and scoped AI/automation potentials

Process timeline

We move quickly to introduce or strengthen AI in your organization.

In just 10 days, we go from Intro to Implementation by:

  • Identifying exactly how AI can benefit your business.
  • Outlining the key levers and highest impact workflows
  • Focusing on seamless integration of AI into your organization.

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Francisco Schulz

Head of AI Development

Marco Döring

Business & Venture Development

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Deal stages overview


< 1 month

We build products in an iterative process, that actually solve problems for peopl, ultimately enabling them to become better at what they do.


3-6 years

We focus on developing highly scalable solutions in collaboration with industry experts, to add value within the industry.



We run and grow our company based on stoic core values: Courage – Justice – Temperance – Wisdom

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